Saturday, December 4, 2010

Starting to get easier

Weight: Don't know

Things are starting to get a little easier. I am starting to get more full after meals. I was starving for a couple of days. I told my DH that I had to go to bed NOW or I was going to eat. I meant it too. I just needed to go to sleep. I woke up in the middle in the night and my stomach was aching it was so hungry. That was the worst of it.

Yesterday for lunch we went to Applebees. I looked up the nutritional information on everything so I would know exactly I could eat. I think they gave me way more potatoes than 1 cup though. Here is the good part. I calculated the points for the triple chocolate cake. It is 20. There were 4 of us there so I just cut the cake in 4's and I was able to eat it. Now normally I would have eaten the whole cake. I can still enjoy what I LOVE but just a smaller portion. One thing I did find interesting though is their salads are so high in points. Usually I order a salad thinking that I am behaving myself. Steak and vegi's were way lower in points. Go figure!!

I can't wait until I go and weigh myself. I can tell a difference. Not in my clothes or anything...I may not have even lost more than a pound...but I am way more aware of what I eat. It has only been a week. I think I did good at all my point counting. I haven't cheated at all. Last night we watched a movie and popcorn was involved. I air popped the popcorn and sprayed it with butter spray. It was yummy!

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