Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day Two: Load Day

Weight: I only gained 2 ounces of weight gain from the first load day. I could have sworn it was more. Oh well. I did great at loading today!! lol Actually tonight I feel so sick and just not right. I know it was because I ate so bad. Also I am more aware of my body signals now that I am looking for them. A couple weeks ago I would have eaten like this on a regular day and not even noticed. So here is my menu...just remember I HAVE to eat like this so my next couple of days aren't miserable.

B: Took Hubbs out to Breakfast to one of our favorite places...Jeremiahs. It was yummy! I had 2 eggs, hashbrowns, hot chocolate( I will miss this...anyone know if sugar free hc is okay on phase 3?) I also had pancakes. I couldn't finish them all but ate what I could.

L: I really couldn't eat anything since I had such a big breakfast. I know I should have stuffed it in.

D: 1 fajits, 2 taquitos, chili con carne, orchata, salsa...the whole works. I stuffed myself silly. I am pretty sure I will see a good gain tomorrow :) (should not be happy about this)

So tomorrow starts my vlcd. Here we go. I bought some herb tea, lemons, and oranges today. I also picked a ton of apples and tomatoes. I am praying that this is something I can stick to and it won't be to uncomfortable. I think I can...I think I can:)

Drink some hot chocolate for me :)

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