Saturday, October 23, 2010


Weight: 188.0...Wahoo...down some!!

B: water
L: Chicken, Tomato
S: Orange
D: Roast, Onion
S: Strawberry Smoothie...YUMMY

So tonight was my girls night out...It was so hard...I would have rather given birth again than sit there with all that food. I had to leave early because I wanted to cheat so bad. I got away with not disposing my diet too. There was chicken salad sandwiches...dips...dr pepper...cake...m&m's...dr pepper...chips...chocolate bars...dr pepper...I DIDN"T CHEAT!!!!!!

I was really proud of myself. It was so hard though. I had a little melt down. I just wanted to throw in the towel. I get bad headaches. I don't know if Ibprofen is allowed or not but I took some. Night is the worst for me. It is when I am most hungry. I did drink a ton of water today. I think for one hour I was in the bathroom every 20 minutes! Hopefully tomorrow will be a good loss and remotivate me :)

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