Thursday, October 21, 2010


Weight: 189.8
It looks like I gained 1 pound yesterday. Wow...that is where it all comes eat crappy one day, and then another, and know where it goes from there.

Today is stinkin hard. I am looking on all the forums. They are all saying about day 4 or 5 things will feel like normal. I hope I can make it that long. When it was my load day I didn't really even crave anything and today I want everything. I went to see my Grandpa today and there on the counter were Muddy Buddys....oh the sanity. I love those things. Why didn't I think of making them last night?? I just got done with dinner and I need like 4 more servings to fill this empty belly!

B: I tried tea...didn't like it so much...I am going tomorrow to pick up some stevia.
L: chicken, tomato, apple
D:Chicken with onion and garlic, apple...ya right now I really need gum!!

Tomorrow will be a hard test. I have a girls night out and of course there will be TONS of treats there. I don't really know what to do. I am thinking that I might save both of my fruits for then and just put them in baggies. Of course I will have my 10 gallons of water. That's what it feels like anyway. A whole bunch of water and a whole bunch of bathroom breaks. Please let tomorrow's scale be worth it. Mama wants a huge number :)

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